Arbitrum is soon launching its DAO token

Arbitrum is soon launching its DAO token

The level 2 project, Arbitrum, will distribute control tokens with the ticker ARB to its community members on March 23rd via an Airdrop.

  • The token will control the management of the Arbitrum One and Nova networks through a DAO, which will be supported by a security council. The Airdrop will consist of 12.75% of the total token supply and will be transferred to those who have used the network over the past year. The token will not be used to pay transaction fees on the network.
  • The uniqueness of the transition to a DAO is that Arbitrum’s management will be a self-executing DAO. This means that protocol updates will be automatically applied to the network, rather than signaling the team to update.
  • The Airdrop will distribute 11.5% of the total token supply to Arbitrum users, and an additional 1.25% to the DAO in the Arbitrum ecosystem and the Protocol Guild DAO, consisting of Ethereum developers.

Criteria for distributing DAO include the total value locked in the protocol and the duration of the tokens’ presence on the Arbitrum network.

We rarely write well about new tokens, but this is a truly in-demand network. The best Layer-2 in the ETH network by commission. There is a high probability that the token will be popular and show good growth. Overall, it will become a large coin, alongside tokens such as OP and others.

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