Cryptocurrency Market Review

Cryptocurrency market review

Yesterday, there was a strong upward impulse in the market, due to the growth of the stock market, which showed an increase because the money allocated to support banks reached the stock market, and the volume was not small – more than $50 billion this week alone. The Fed has distributed so much money through various aid programs that its balance has decreased to the level of October last year.

  • Credit Suisse still hasn’t sold UBS.
  • It is reported that SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) still has some skeletons in the closet, and the bank’s published losses are far from final.

The market continues to shake.


⚡️Binance spot trading and deposit/withdrawal – under technical issues. Spot has been down for 2 hours, futures market is operational.

  • Asian exchange Zipmex announced its liquidation and warned employees of layoffs.
  • A rather weak report on durable goods in the US was released – negative news.
  • Members of the Fed will speak today, and at 4:30 pm, Bullard, who has been exclusively hawkish in his rhetoric for the past year, will speak.

✔️Basic Scenario There are plenty of bad news. News about bank sales may support the market, but there is not much positive to expect.

I continue to expect a significant correction in the market.